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Blogging Vs. Vlogging: Which is Best For You?

Blogging Vs. Vlogging

Today we are going to cover Blogging Vs. Vlogging.

A lot of people don’t understand the difference between blogs and vlogs.

They might get confused about both of these and thinking about what we have to do, which is more suitable for them or not.

Today I am going to tell you about blogs and what is the significant difference between them, what are the benefits, what are the cons and pros. I tell you everything about Blogging Vs. Vlogging.



Let’s initial talk about blogs what a blog is and how does it work, what are the pros what are the cons, difference What are the benefits, where to make a blog and what about the disadvantages.

I’ll tell you everything about blogs, and you don’t have to be professional for blogs and vlogs.

When you write something often about anything which you love and publish it over the Internet is called Blogs or site blog.

No matter what’s your hobby, specialty or favorite thing you can do blogs on anything even on comics, tv series, fictional character, etc.

It’s not only that you wrote something and publish it and you’re blogger no it’s not like that blogging is smooth but still, there are some rules or certain norms, which everyone needs to follow.

If you wanted to be a  blogger and then they are specific rules you need to follow.

  • Update regularly
  • Original Content is The Key
  • Be Creative
  • Maintain a Website


Update Regularly

Update Blogs on a Regular Basis

You’re writing blogs, and everyone loves them, and at starting you’re uploading blogs often, after some time there, is no regularity either blogs published in a week, then 1 in a month and then 1 in months.

It created a wrong impression on your readers that you’re not professional and dedicated about your blogs. Eventually, they forget about your blogs and lose all the audience.

Original Content is the Key

Original Content is the Key

While surfing the internet have you like the same Article, Post, Memes. No right because nobody likes repeated or copied content.

If you’re publishing any duplicate content then it shows fast audience response but for a short period but eventually, everyone will find about it, and you lose the audience.

Don’t rush things wait, take your time and post something which is original, not duplicate content.

The worst case scenario is someone can sue you according to Copyright Act 1957 and either you’re going to jail or have to pay a hefty fine.

Be Creative

Be Creative

It’s so important to do something out of the box don’t just publish a blog without any creativity.

Decorate it with some Quotes & Photos.

Add photos or quotes which is related to your article it helps viewers to stay connected while reading it.

Otherwise, it’s just a paragraph with a bunch of words.

Maintain a Website

Maintain a Website

It’s the last stage where you have completed all the previous task and publish articles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You’re getting a lot of views and responses from audiences, but you’re not getting paid after all of this.

You will be getting paid only when you’re doing all of this on your website.

Create a website and upload your blogs on it and you can earn from Google Adwords, Affiliate Marketing and it also shows that you’re a professional and dedicated to your work.

Just focus on all these things and then no one can stop you from being a blogger. You can follow a lot of Blogger for inspiration and information like Neil Patel. If you wanted to make your blog website or create a blog website for business purpose, then Click Here and will get a massive discount as a new member.

Now let’s talk about Vlogs.


A blog which is in the form of a video is Vlog.

You can choose any topic for creating vlog whether it’s a Travel, Food, Fashion, etc.

But you need to take care of a lot of things if you’re planning to start youtube vlog music, corporate blogs or any vlog website.

You need a lot more than a camera and photography skills.

First, select the Vlog name and create a Youtube page and if you are facing any problems while creating one then Click HERE

Certain things you need to keep in my mind while making Vlogs scroll down for more.

  • Be Unique
  • Use Quality Recording Product
  • Beware of Copyright Claim
  • Share on Right Platform
  • Don’t Defame any Brand

Be Unique

Be Unique

Don’t Just Upload a video with all the food and road views stuff.

Try something new something creative with the videos add some funny incident, reviews.

A lot of people making common mistakes while creating Vlogs, i.e., they cover the travel route or food and what about the funny stuff, behind the scenes which make you enjoy the food or traveling route.

Let everyone know that you had great fun while covering this so they can feel connected and wanted to travel the same place or visit the same Restaurant.

Use Quality Recording Product

Use Quality Recording Product

No one loves a low-quality pixels video or good vlogging camera with low-quality recording or music in it.

Try to create Vlogs with high-quality videos at least 720p and if you wanted to purchase any video camera for vlogging then visit Amazon.com

When you were creating vlogs in high quality, it attracts more business owner or ads agency to run ads on your videos.

Beware of Copyright Claim

Beware of Copyright Claim

While creating or uploading vlogs make sure you don’t use any copyright music or any logo, a brand without any consent of concern owner otherwise you’ll be penalized for that.

Make sure you add a Disclaimer in the Vlog or video to make sure no claims that your reviews or advice is wrong, putting a disclaimer make sure that you’ll not be penalized from any of copyright or any other issues.

Share on Right Platform

social network

After completing all of the previous steps, make sure you share the vlogs on the right platform.

Don’t just upload it on WhatsApp story on your Facebook profile, Instagram profile.

Upload Volgs where you can find some people who are interested in Vlogs, if you’re uploading food blogs on a  football Facebook page, then you’re not getting the response.

Upload at the right platform where the right audience is available and support you.

If you need any specific groups or audience to share then Contact Us, we can help you.

Don’t Defame any Brand.

Don't Defame any Brand

It’s most important to make sure that you don’t Defame any brand while Vlogging.

If you don’t like specific Resturant, Bar, Club, Hotel or any brand rates them for ex – I rate this Club 4 out of 10 otherwise they will sue you due to Defaming their brand. Keep this thing in mind.

Now it’s up to you to choose to be a Blogger or Vlogger.

Choose whatever you wanted to pursue it with dedication & Concentration and you will succeed in the future.

Hope we cleared every doubt about Blogging Vs. Vlogging.

Please share your Comments and question in given columns.

Stay with us and stay updated about Social Media and Digital Marketing Concern.


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